To Botox or not to Botox

I know it’s kind of wrong, but I love Botox. I love how, when it’s done carefully, a couple of days after having it I look fresh and well-rested, like I’ve just come back from a relaxing mini break. Even if things are in reality crazy and stressful.

In a strange logic, I would faint at the idea of filler, but I’m quite happy to have muscle relaxing toxin injected into my forehead. I’ve seen too many examples of filler gone wrong to want to go there. That pillow face look is a dead giveaway.

I first had Botox when I was 28 which sounds mad, but as a sole parent to a three-year-old, I felt I looked constantly knackered and a little Botox worked like a magic wand on those worry lines. Many aesthetic doctors advocate starting sooner rather than later, as a preventative measure. Hopefully, if the wrinkles don’t get chance to develop, they won’t be so hard to tackle down the line.

Of course, it’s expensive. I pay £190 for three areas at Rising Dawn Aesthetics at Redmayne Lodge in Strensall, but I only go every six months when the results have well and truly worn off. A registered nurse, Dawn Muir is thoroughly competent and experienced in these non-surgical treatments.

She always takes great care to avoid touching a prominent vein on my temple, but it is normal to have some very slight post-injection swelling, which in my case always quickly disappears. This time, I left with a tiny needle mark on one cheekbone, which was gone later in the day.


Some people freak at the sight of a needle, but I’m usually so busy chatting away to the very talkative, Geordie Dawn, I barely notice the fine needle pricks. As I’m not after the frozen look, she does it with a light hand and usually tops it up when I go for my second, review appointment two weeks later.

I can understand why a lot of women lie to their husbands about having Botox, or just don’t tell them altogether. There’s still a lot of horror around the topic, especially amongst men scared of their wife morphing into the Bride of Wildenstein. Well, I don’t have a husband and having had Botox on and off for 10 years now, I know that less is definitely best. In my opinion moderation, ladies – and a practitioner that knows their stuff – is key.