Date night at The Tent

Now Enduro and I have been camping together in the Lakes, he has officially seen me at my worst, in both looks and mood (I do not sleep well in a tent, and I’m the sort of female who does the whole Cleanse & Polish, mini facial thing before bed. Which means camping in a field with no facilities is a challenge. Thank God for cleansing wipes).

 This needn’t mean, though, that the romance has died. After all, we’re not living together and we only see each other a couple of nights a week, so we’re not squabbling over who takes the bins out yet.

 I love going out to eat with Enduro and luckily Enduro loves eating out. “Come on, let’s head out for tea” he’ll say. The other evening, Monday evening, we went to The Tent. Happily, this was the restaurant in the Lapland tent at Canadian Fields just outside Helmsley, rather than another camping tent.

 On those nights you want a delicious meal but somewhere super casual, Canadian Fields is perfect. GI Sukawaka, the restaurant, does a fairly extensive menu of traditional and more adventurous, locally sourced dishes. I had fillet of halibut in a creamy crayfish and lemon sauce, and he had scampi; tender king prawns, encased in light, golden batter. To start, we shared deep-fried brie with caramelised onion chutney: mouthwatering.

 Dates fare much better in a low-key atmosphere, I feel. Enjoyment depends a lot on how relaxed you feel. Being surrounded by pissed, shouty people is not conducive to a romantic encounter. No such risk of this here in Nawton, where the only livelier-than-average customer was a group of giggly girls who came in from the campsite in their pyjamas to get chips to go with their prosecco.

 The Royal Canadian Airforce were based at nearby Wombleton Airfield during WWII, hence the campsite name. The Tent is a wonderfully cosy space with a Wild West feel and very pretty hanging bulb lighting. On Monday, rain pelted the canvas as we ate, which only added to the cosiness.

 For the record, we didn’t sleep in an actual tent on our Lakes trip, but the back of the van. Seeing as we were only there for one night while Enduro took part in the final round of the British Enduro Championships, it seemed like hassle to put the large tent up, and DS (darling son) commandeered the smaller tent.

 “It must be love” I told Enduro, “if I’m sleeping in the back of your bloody van.”