Hard and fast with Enduro

Zooming across Spaunton Moor to Rosedale on the back of Enduro’s motorbike, I thought I’d left my belly behind in Hutton le Hole. Going from 40 to 90mph in what feels like 5 seconds is a hair-raising experience. Rather than the speed, what I liked best on this spring day out was when he slowed down and I could snuggle into him and take in the view.

 Racing about on a motorbike gives you a whole new perspective on your surroundings. Enduro has one of these KTM bikes you can take on and off road, meaning we were able to take off along lesser-known trails away from everything. Off we went past the thatched cottages of Pockley, past the grounds of Nawton Tower and along a dramatic ridge overlooking Pockley Moor.

Looking east across Lund Farm towards Pockley Grange from Cowhouse Bank. Beadlam Rigg can be seen in distance.

 Further on we called at St Gregory’s Minster, poking our heads into this 11th century Saxon chapel and meeting a group of couples on a walking holiday.

“We’re on a date” Enduro informed them, much to my embarrassment. “I might be dragging him back here one day”, I called out to them as we got back on the bike and continued on our way.

 The best café in Rosedale Abbey, in my opinion, is Graze on the Green. It was packed this lunchtime and for good reason. The homemade soup is wonderful, as are the toasted sandwiches. Despite feeling kind of motion sick from the bike speed I ate every bit of my grilled halloumi on sourdough and bowl of white onion and cider soup.

Graze on the Green.
Rosedale Abbey.
© Clare Hargreaves

 The only negative point of this date was back in Helmsley marketplace when Enduro dropped his Hunter’s Brymor ice cream on the floor. Apart from this minor catastrophe, it was great.

 I’ve known Enduro for 7 weeks now and we still haven’t slept together. I know this is right and healthy but when you’ve spent all day pressed up close to someone you hugely fancy, it’s also seriously frustrating. We seem to be doing this long, drawn-out courting thing, quite at odds with the standard modern fast-track way.